What is blackbox?

Brien Burroughs

Brien is the owner and in-house photographer at BLACKBOX!  

He is an excellent assistant and an accommodating studio manager.

He produced and directed the feature films 'SUCKERFISH' and 'SECURITY' and has 25 years experience with film/tv and productions at every scale.

He built and designed BLACKBOX! as a place where he would want to shoot.  He hopes you enjoy your experience shooting here also.

Rental Options

BLACKBOX! is available as a rental facility, and we invite you to take over our space for your needs.  We have a powerful ballast flash lighting system, and a professional overhead grid to suit any production.

Our lighting and grip is pulled from the world of TV/film, and for a photo studio our grip department exists, and it is heavy duty.

We hope you enjoy working with this style of gear.  if you need mua/hair/crew, we can help you with that.

Rigging Aerial

In addition to photo and film, we also do theatrical design and aerial dance shows.  please visit our events page to see some of our previous productions.

Converting industrial spaces into lush theaters is one of our favorite things to do.  Our vendor contacts in the community are second to none, and we can transform any space into a beautiful event.

What does blackbox! do?



Take a look at some of our photo work over the years.  You may see some familiar faces.  After 30 years of experience in photography and building studios, our unique history shows.



BLACKBOX! is a rental studio designed for you to enjoy.  Our equipment is industry standard for the TV/film industry and built to last.



Aerial dance and theater design are some of our best projects.  We have supported incredible performances in venues varying from breweries to lumber yards to parking lots.

how to connect with blackbox!


East Oakland, High St/880

(415) 260-1436

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