20x25 shooting space

BLACKBOX! houses both 11 and 9 foot paper backdrops, and 2 8x8 hard flats at 90 degrees.  our paper backdrops are black, white, grey, blue, red, and sepia.  hard flats are paintable and currently chroma green.

With 20' ceilings, a 2" steel pipe grid set at 12' 6" is above the main shooting space, and is easily adjustable to your needs.


2000 w/s Dynalite flash ballast

our radio-slaved flash system features 4 standard flash heads and 1 high output head.  We also have a 3200 w/s Comet ring flash.

We have two (2!) sounds systems, upstairs and down, which source from a headphone jack or your apple device, to set your own soundtrack.


TV/film grip package

12 standard C-stands w/gobos & 4 baby C-stands w/gobos

2 6x6 frames w/ultrabounce, black, silk, 1/2 soft frost, and light grid

beady boards w/2 platypus

apple boxes (new yorker to pancake)

4 4x floppy blacks + various blacks

sandbags galore 

10+5 12" black TOMCAT truss

clamps, pipes, fittings

various nets, flags, and gels

Pool Table


Our social area behind the studio is a comfy sofa and seating area for people to relax or wait amused and in comfort.  It features a tournament-sized pool table and an official movie set caboose.

Full Kitchen


Our kitchen has everything you might need for serving or preparing food for your group.  Additional tables and seating are available as needed.  weather permitting, outside seating is ample and available.



Also known as the dining area, our classic dinette is often the makeup and hair area.  it can also be a quiet getaway for time separated from the studio downstairs.

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